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Join thousands of vikings.

With our network of next generation modded servers we want to serve rust players with our vision of
a good modded server. The ragnarok server network is made by players – for players. We combined the best wishes, the best settings, the best features in a few different servers. 


How do i use my kits?

You can use all your available kits by typing /kit in your chat. A menu will open in your client where you can choose a various kit.

How can I vote?

Voting is very necessary for our server. You can vote for our server by clicking here or just follow the button in the head menu.

Why should I donate?

Donations helps our server to grow and to improve our server performance. It shows our team that we are on the right way of perfection.

How do I join the discord?

Our completely communication finds his place on our discord server. If you want to be a part of our server you should join our discord server here.

WHEN will the servers wipe?

The server will be wiped every monday and thursday at 15pm.

How can I see all COMMANDS?

Yes, we know that theres alot of different commands and features. Its impossible to learn all of them once. Just have a look for the feature section.

Our server network comes up with a various of new and unknown features.

While some rust players are still only playing on vanilla servers in the community or official section. Our vikings had already find their own path to get their daily dose of fun. We provide our players with a massive amount of different and new features. There will always be some space to get new features and new funny things added to this game. The modded section in the server is the future. Check out our features.

" Changing the habits for normal players and servers makes me feel to create something big. "

Customers reviews

What people say?

IIt's amazing to see how a one-man army can grow up that massive network of servers. The provided features are absolutely enjoyable and theres always some fun.
a viking.
Our team always enjoy this server. Players are really playing like vikings and that provides us with so much fun. This place is a place where we want to stay forever.
another viking.
vikings already.
vikings donated.