AutoDoors makes door closing easier. Doors will now get closed by standard after 5 seconds.

You can use /ad to deactivate and /ad NUMBER to activate. The max number is 5.

We modified the loot on our servers. Means that we decide where, what in which amount spawns.

You can easily upgrade your entities by using a command like /bgrade 4.

/bgrade gives you a small list of available features.

Blueprints are locked on x10 and x100 – on the x1000 server you have all blueprints automatically.

You can sort your box by using the shown GUI.

We use a clan system to group with your friends and put some fire under other vikings asses.

Use /clan help

You can add your friend to automatically group with them into a team and to prevent shooting and damaging each other.

/friends add NAME

Putting stuff into your furnace will automatically get splitted.

You can clean your inventory if you only got useless stuff left.

Type /cleaninv

We created some fresh kits to grant you more fun.

Try /kit

You can spawn in your own minicopter by using /mymini

Normal players got a cooldown of 60 minutes.

To prevent further raid-problems we got a plugin to help raiders and defenders.

On the x1000 server there is no workbench needed anymore.

You can teleport and set homes on our server.

  • home add NAME – Saves your current position as the location NAME. (alias sethome)
  • home list – Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. (alias listhomes)
  • home remove NAME – Removes the location NAME from your saved homes. (alias removehome)
  • home NAME – Teleports you to the home location.
  • home NAME pay – Teleports you to the home location NAME, bypassing cooldown by paying from your Economics balance.
  • tpr – Sends a teleport request to the player.
  • tpa – Accepts an incoming teleport request.
  • tpc – Cancel teleport or request.
  • town – Teleports yourself to town.
  • town pay – Teleports you to town, bypassing cooldown by paying from your Economics balance.
  • tpinfo – Shows limits and cooldowns.
  • tphelp – Shows help.

This feature grants ability to call a “personal helicopter”, that can be damaged only by the player (and team/friends) who called it. Helicopter doesn’t target anybody else. Helicopter loot can be taken only by these players. Cooldown for helicopter is 60 minutes.

Use /callheli

You can easy report a player ingame.

  • /report NAME “REASON”

Chat with your friends in secret.

  • /pm NAME “MESSAGE”
  • use /r to reply to a private message

You can remove entities you have placed.

  • /remove

Use our ingame shop by typing /s.

You can get RP by killing helicopter, bradley and players. You will also get RP by every hour you are online.

You can decide which skin you want to use.Skins have to be added to our config while using the console commands. After that you will be possible to select them via the skinbox.

Chat Commands

  • /skin — Change the skin of an item

Console Commands

  • skin.add <shortname> <skinId> — Add skin by ID for item to config file
  • skin.remove <shortname> <skinId> — Remove skin by ID for item from config file
  • skin.list — Show list of defined items from config file
  • skin.list <shortname> — Show list of defined skins for item from config file

You can skip the night easily by using the vote process. It will show up before the night starts.

You can trade stuff with your maties easy by using /trade NAME – the requested player now needs to accept with /trade accept

You can place your beloved weapons into your turrets. Just as Bolts, M249 and Rocket Launchers. And many more…