On our map you will see spawning raid events. Those bases contain loot and are different challenging to raid. Raiding those bases starts when you attack bases. You can complete a raid when you destroy the Tool Cupboard. There 5 different types of bases: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Nightmare. Each base are different in building and the higher tier you go, the harder will it be to raid. There is a current maximum of 8 raid bases around the whole map. They are marked on the map. When you start raiding a raid base, other players can steal the reward due destroying the tool cupboard first. If you raid as a team, the whole reward gets divided for the whole team – that doesnt include the loot that is contained in the boxes.

Tiers & Loot

Every tier of a raid base contains the same type of loot, but contains more loot than the lower tiers. Easy bases contains 64 stacks, medium bases contains 128 stacks, hard bases contains 256 stacks, expert bases contains 512 stacks, the nightmare bases would contain then 1024 item stacks. The complete loot is divided into all loot containers. The trap health and the auto turret health is increased to make raiding those bases harder. All traps contain unlimited ammo, therefore waiting until traps are empty isnt a good idea.

Buying a Raid

You can buy a raid with your team or your clan with /buyraid TYPE (Types are: easy, medium, hard, expert, nightmare) – each tier are set to different costs. The costs to buy a raid base looks like the following: Easy = 50 Gold, Medium = 100 Gold, Hard = 150 Gold, Expert = 200 Gold, Nightmare = 250 Gold – the base will be spawned right after you bought it and only your team or clan can raid it.


Raiding those bases doesnt only gives you loot and some fun. It also places you on the server wide scoreboard (/rb ladder). The 3 highest players that are at the top of the ladder when the server wipes gets rewarded with 3 days of vipdiamond. This makes it more attractive to raid those bases and vip is now accessable by ingame actions and raiding performance. Also you will get gold for each raid: Easy = 100 Gold, Medium = 200 Gold, Hard = 300 Gold, Expert = 2500 Gold, Nightmare = 5000 Gold


All commands:
/buyraid – To buy a raid for your team
/rb – To see the raid scoreboard

Be creative

Other Informations:
You are free to send us bases to use them on our server. Please use FORTIFY and build your own base design. Good base designs will be included into the server tiers and we will reward you for your work.

Any questions? Just ask in our discord!