Ragnarok Rust celebrate its comeback

Dear Vikings and team members,

after we had decided last year to end the way of our server network due to many dissatisfied players and little time on the part of the administrators and to close down the server for good, some of you may have noticed that we are now finally back online.

A new strong server with the highest demands we have, thank god the experiences with worse systems will now pave the way for us.

Our system is now based on Linux, which requires us to be much more competent in programming and co, but offers much more possibilities.

We can now complete all important processes automatically, which are essential for a positive gaming experience. This cost us a lot of money last year. With understanding.

The server is now automatically wiped every Thursday at 4pm Central European Time. Through a 1A connection to the international servers via Frankfurt we are able to reach even players from other continents.

We are happy to welcome every player again and hope for a successful gaming time!


your MAYBE!

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